Genre: Garagepunk
Label: Wanda
  • LP
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SKU: 020143 Release Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2024


1000 days later, the white-jacket-black-glove- four piece space crew from France is back with a new album. The third one. Is it supposed to be the tricky one? Well, common sense says that the fruit should peak maximum ripeness after a certain time. Just to make it clear, The Scaners still don’t give a flying fuck, as they always go off-roading. The basics are as bright as a full moon night; frenetic sci-fi synth-punk hits on a swirling garage rock’n roll after having passed the point of no return. That said, we can smell that something changed recently… Vital needs of a punk rock party collides with wavy post-punk atmospheres, martial disco beats
and some kind of fuzzy garage pop melancholia.


01. No return
02. Brutal city
03. Zero Gravity
04. Le futur
06. Kommunication
07. Feel the blade
08. Satellite Rain
09. Cosmos kid
10. La fête est finie
11. Wipeout