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SKU: 014394 Release Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016


SHAG was born from the ashes of garage band The Shags (of ”Stop and Listen” fame). In the late 60s, they moved from Milwaukee to California, where they played at all the major venues and ballrooms, supporting famous bands like Jefferson Airplane and The Who. In 1969, the band recorded a demo at Pacific High Recordings in San Francisco, at the same time as the Grateful Dead were recording their classic ”Working Man’s Dead” album there. The demo was in fact a fully finished album of bombastic psychedelia, acid- rock and proto- prog with loud fuzz- wah guitars, long tracks, crazy percussion and killer flute. Here’s the first ever vinyl reissue of these lost recordings. Master tape sound, insert with liner notes and photos.


01. Riddle
02. Gypsies In The Forest
03. Cold Duck Wino
04. Anyone's Song
05. Mad Hatter
06. Lavander Tab Ooh Dilly Dilly
07. Lovely Lady