SPLLITInfinite Hatch

Genre: Postpunk
Label: Feel It
  • LP
    Includes 19% MwSt.
SKU: 019736 Release Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2023


Cut from a magnetic, jagged edge of the Louisiana underground, Spllit open up an entirely new can of worms on ‘Infinite Hatch’. A dozen new originals, mined from the minds of Marance and Urq, prove to be quite the follow-up to their introductory 2021 effort, ‘Spllit Sides’. Transitioning from home recording project to roadworthy live unit – anchored by Raegan Labat (bass) and Ryan Welsh (drums) has worked wonders for Spllit’s style. Their approach to composition remains wonderfully fried – a galaxy of textured sonic synapses, totally wired and deeply imaginative. Yet, in the midst of this collision of sounds, there’s beauty. Anxieties transcend into swirling dual-vocal pop art experimentalia, while guitar work taps into something Magical. Spllit’s old friend MIDI again contributes to the smokestack of layered tracks, though somehow – IT ALL MAKES SENSE. Crystalline soundscapes from humid human minds. ‘Infinite Hatch’ is a rare flavor, strikingly different based on how you approach it, yet cohesive. Spllit are triumphant sonic chemists, cooking in the avant-lab that’s way, way out there.


01. Canned Air
02. Growth Hacking
03. Dorks Tried
04. Fast Acting Gel
05. Shine Sheen
06. Bevy Slew
07. Gemini Moods (Return)
08. Cloaking
09. Smashed In
10. Infinite Tower
11. Curtain Lift
12. Time Passing Dirge