A.F.K.Another Pair Of Eyes

Label: Ruin Nation
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Artikelnummer: 018772 Release Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022


The third album of Hamburg’s steamroller noise punk merchants A.F.K. (Aargh Fuck Kill) – Nine new songs that, compare to their last album, see a u-turn back to their roots of full throttle hardcore punk with a aggressive sonic intensity!

Lyrics shouted in German and English show and tell a description of the insanity, frustration and anger that lies in the void of the current state of society. Especially in the past two years.

One can say that A.F.K. along with their mates from INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL are the pinnacle of the current Hamburg crust punk exports!


01 . Asche & Fragen
02 . Neben Mir
03 . Short Fuse
04 . Auf Kredit
05 . So What!?
06 . Echos
07 . Junk For Inner Peace
08 . Warhawks
09 . Instabile Realitäten