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Artikelnummer: 018547 Veröffentlichung: Sat, 26 Feb 2022


Antigen: Fast anarcho/crust punk from Prague (Czech Republic). This is their follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album Dust and ashes (2020). Think La Fraction and Burning kitchen! Socialstyrelsen: The most promising band from Sweden right now. The harsh vocals, the piercing guitars and the thundering d-beat drumming combined makes this release stand out from the rest. Think Protestera and Massmord and you have sort of an idea on what to expect.


01. Antigen - Overcome The Fear
02. Antigen - Praise The Lord
03. Antigen - Authority
04. Antigen - Shitshow 2020
05. Socialstyrelsen - 1312
06. Socialstyrelsen - Mörker Utan Slut
07. Socialstyrelsen - Undergångskänslor
08. SocialstyrelseN - Pissliv, Jag Hatar Dig
09. Socialstyrelsen - Knivad
10. Socialstyrelsen - Kapitalismens Grav
11. Socialstyrelsen - Hata Mig