ARESIAmorruz Beteta

Genre: Oi!
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Artikelnummer: 018896 Release Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2022


REVERTT, PURO ODIO, OGRO, STA.CRUZ and now ARESI, have emerged from this small town on the Basque coast in the last few years, building a small and great scene that keeps producing new exciting bands year after year. A project born out of the lockdown boredom from the pandemic times and made up by 3/4 of REVERTT have now their debut 2-track demo tape of catchy Punk/Oi! with a Rock’n’Roll touch and a rough edge, influenced by bands like TEMPLARS, THE CLICHÉS or THE KIDS and singing in Basque.


01. Bat Hiru Bat Bi
02. Artez
03. Bat Hiru Bat Bi
04. Artez