ATOL ATOL ATOLKoniec sosu tysiaca wysp

Genre: Postpunk
Label: Red Wig
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 019631 Release Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2023


Island post-punk from the south of Poland. The tour includes: unlimited cellar snorkeling, coffee on Enewetak and Bikini atolls, free time in the central depression. The cruise crew includes: ?ukasz Plata (Ukryte Zalety Systemu, Przepych), Artur Soszynski (Ukryte Zalety Systemu) and Hubert Kostkiewicz (Kurws), powered by vocalist Agata Horwat. The whole is tied together with a dub brace by master of the console Szymon Szwarc (Jesie?, Rozwód). „Koniec sosu tysi?ca wysp” (The End of the Thousand Island Sauce) is an angular, overstimulated, rhythmically organized yet freedom-hungry punkoid in the vein of no wave or Minutemen, with a face that resembles absolutely no one.


01. Trap
02. Atol Atol Atol
03. Gasienice
04. Gdyby swiat dowiedzial sie wczesniej
05. Historie o tobie
06. Sto nieodebranych polaczen
07. Map Ref. 17°03'15.59"E 51°07'11.28"N
08. Koniec sosu tysiaca wysp
09. Pochodnia
10. Napisy koncowe