BINGSPower pop planet (the lost tapes)

Genre: Powerpop
Label: Bachelor
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This one is subtitled ‚The Lost Tapes,‘ but it is not a reissue because in fact it was never released – until now! Forty years after their final recording session, Los Angeles-based power pop The Bings is releasing its debut album. The 16-track master tapes sat forgotten in a California bedroom closet until they were discovered in a filing cabinet during the 2020 lockdown.The Bings‘ ‚Power Pop Planet – The Lost Tapes‘ is a literal time capsule from the pre-MTV 1980s, when new wave, punk, and power pop were still underground genres that flourished mainly in New York and Hollywood clubs. Driven by the songwriting of David Chrenko, and fueled by big guitars and 3-part harmonies, what you are listening to is the great „lost“ album of the 1980s from The Bings: ‚Power Pop Planet – The Lost Tapes.’LP comes with insert (liner notes and photos).