Genre: Garagepunk
Label: Alien Snatch
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 019960 Release Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2024


The HEX DISPENSERS got shipwrecked off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, the circumstances of which remain a mystery to this day. Stranded on a former Devil’s Island sanctuary, Dave Bessenhoffer (guitar, vocals) formed the GRAVEYARD OF THE PACIFIC along with the water-logged skeletons of Alex Cuervo (synths,backing vocals) and Alyse Mervosh (drums,backing vocals), both joining Dave in Texas doom-pop purveyors HEX DISPENERS and are themselves an EERIE FAMILY. This record trods down similar haunted sonic pathways and inhales your last signs of life with ghostly grave-wave rock. Entitled SORCERER, the songs drag you for a death surf ride into the frigid waters of the Pacific. Lighthouse recordings by the ghost of Mark Ryan (MARKED MEN, MIND SPIDERS). Sorcerer Sanatorium details: 100 rooms with orange walls. 400 black rooms, ravens circle above at 33 rpm all copies with Sorcer Spel doube sided linsert.


01. Numbers
02. Patterns
03. Thru Walls
04. Radium Girls
05. Crawl, Worm, Crawl
06. Berlin
07. We All Can Keep A Secret
08. Scanner
09. Anthem