ICONACLASSChanging Culture with Revolvers

Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Sabotage
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 017818 Veröffentlichung: Fri, 07 May 2021


IconAclass is a passion project from MC/producer Will Brooks. Best known as MC dälek, the front person and co-producer in experimental Hip Hop group Dälek. He has explored the left of center/ wall of noise world ala My Bloody Valentine meets Public Enemy on 8 studio albums and numerous collaborations. Their sophomore full length album Changing Culture with Revolvers features MC dälek back on production and Emcee duties, and recruits long time deadverse massive & Labteksmember, Dev-One on vocals as well. The contrast in voice and rhyme style provides the album with a brand new take on hard hitting gritty East Coast Hip Hop. As always, cuts are provided by Mixmaster Motiv. Changing Culture with Revolvers is poised to open eyes and in?ltrate eardrums. Pure hip-hop, hypnotic, heavy beats serve as more than just a backdrop. They focus a spotlight squarely on the lyrics, and iconAclass has a lot on their mind! 12 tracks with a heady blend of lyrics and grimy East Coast Boom-Bap beats skewed through the Deadverse prism.


01. The Art of EMCEE
02. Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
03. Respect the Vinyl (Skit)
04. Dutch (You All Caught Up)
05. All On Me
06. Take Your Lumps
07. Changing Culture with Revolvers
08. Once Again
09. Forefathers (I Owe It to You)
10. That Ol' One-Two
11. Just a Mess
12. A Friendly Reminder
13. No Admission
14. Barely At My Peak