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Artikelnummer: 018699 Release Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022


„And in my German words, we totally screwed up.“ According to JAKA, this unsuccessful sentence on VW’s unsuccessful environmental protection through driving a car concept characterizes the twentieth century, which can probably be identified as the previous peak of the Anthropocene that gives the title. The „Golden“ is, how can it be otherwise with JAKA, meant ironically, because the lyrics of the album move in the well-known cosmos of consumer and system criticism and general misanthropy. Sonically, there is an intro with “Verklappt”, which for some reason is a single song, but which seamlessly transitions into the second, “Weiss”, which again features clean vocals, which irritated me a bit when I first heard it. After that it actually goes on musically in a typical JAKA way: sampled quotes, nice ideas such as a key tone that supports the guitar in „The Average Man“, breakdowns, nice riffs, guitar tinkering, fast, fast drums, grunted lyrics and all of it well produced . Well, despite the English title, everything at JAKA has stayed the same overall and that’s a good thing. It is perhaps interesting that the band packs twenty songs into forty minutes, while some are only thirty seconds long, but others exceed the three-minute mark, „Tag 1 nach dem Menschen“ is even over six minutes long and fades out. But I don’t want to complain about little things here. – Ox


01. Action
02. Verfassungsschützer
03. Blitz
04. Lady In Bag
05. Helly Belly
06. The Veit
07. ??-Stroll
08. The Zex
09. Ebola Beat
10. Action II
11. Split My Head
12. Heartbreak
13. Granny
14. Bereit
15. Bitte
16. Chef
17. Essen
18. Volksfest
19. Schlipse zu Stricken
20. Mutter
21. Löbauer Pisse
22. Techno DJ
23. Zukunft
24. Satan