REVERTTEuskal Hardcorra

Genre: Oi!
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Artikelnummer: 019543 Release Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2023


In March 2020 the band made their vinyl debut on Mendeku Diskak with the now sold-out “Bermeo Skinhead Hardcore” 7inch, changed drummer and then went on a forced hiatus by the pandemic which put them in intensive care, almost pronounced dead: no gigs for months, moral really down, even booked a farewell tour in France, Belgium, Catalunya and Basque Country with CUERO by the end of 2021…and that changed everything. Luckily enough for the rest of us, they decided to keep going and oh boy they did, stronger than ever, like rising from the ashes with sole purpose of pounding our heads and make us mosh with their powerful and uncompromising HARDCORE for years to come.
So there you have this 12inch with the title “Euskal Hardcorra” as statement of perseverance and stubbornness with 8 tracks sung in Basque and filled with monumental riffs, feedbacks, stomping vibes, delicate rawness, perfect vocal delivery, amazing drum work and general crushing power. A bulldozing record that proves once again that Bermeo has something special for extreme rocknroll.


01. Revertt
02. Euskal Hardcorra
03. Galdute
04. Erregiek
05. Ezin Aldatu
06. Apurtu
07. Arbasuen Berbak
08. Bide Labur