SYNDROME 81Béton Nostalgie

Genre: Oi!
Label: Sabotage
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 017051 Veröffentlichung: Mon, 21 Sep 2020


Between the quays, the docks, the cranes and the Brest arsenal, it’s been almost 10 years since Syndrome 81 got down to the heavy task of bringing 80’s punk rock up to date. In just a few EPs, the band has become one of the best representatives of a new French scene internationally. Syndrome 81 manages the perfect blend of various influences of the second punk wave, from the american hardcore of Negative Approach to the french punk-rock of Camera Silens by way of the cold english punk of Blitz. Like an endless wandering in a drifting society, Syndrome 81’s music and lyrics are rough and cold. With Prisons Imaginaires, the songs become even more effective, and we can already imagine the next shows where the public will sing along to the brilliantly formulated refrains. Syndrome 81 describes the spleen of everyday life and the boredom of life in Brest, far from everything, like no other. Syndrome 81’s first full length was long overdue but this time was used wisely to deliver a perfect album.


01. vivre et mourir
02. dans les rues de brest
03. futur périmé
04. avenir
05. violence sociale
06. les derniers jours
07. la ville
08. des nuits blanches
09. toujours à l'ouest
10. béton froid
11. sur la brèche
12. fuir son passé
13. lumière magnétique