TERRY STAMPThe World's Not Big Enough

Genre: Glam
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Artikelnummer: 019820 Release Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023


Bonkers double album by former THIRD WORLD WAR singer/chopper guitarist, TERRY STAMP clocking in at 80 minutes with 20 tracks that have never been released on vinyl before. Recorded between 1980-1989 in Terry’s converted cellar/bomb shelter. Raw, rough, and honest. Real working class music for working class people. The only way to hear any of these tracks previously was to buy a self-released cassette or CD directly from Terry at one of his solo shows over the past 40 years. There is “underrated” and then there is Terry Stamp. He’s one of the finest songwriters of the past fifty years, who is virtually unknown except to dedicated THIRD WORLD WAR fans. Being able to bring this double LP set to you and turn you on to these incredible tunes is what it’s all about for us. This is literally just a small fraction of Terry’s immense output, but this is perfect place to start.


01. Shot Of Urban Rock
02. I'll Give You For That
03. Six Day Drive
04. Rock Candy
05. This Frozen Star
06. Mondo Jumping
07. Mess Of Fire
08. Black Guitar
09. Secret Police
10. Zeroing The Rifles
11. Brushin' With The Law
12. Juke Box Natural
13. Radar Men From The Ruby Hills
14. When Red Lights Flash
15. Rio Hondo Blues
16. Miseria
17. Maintenance Man
18. Master Of The Sticky Hand
19. Body Cruel
20. Skull Blues