TriebtäterHass & Krieg

Label: Power It Up
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Artikelnummer: 016780 Release Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2023


Triebtäter were one of the first German-speaking punk bands from Stuttgart. Founded in August 1980, disbanded in 1982, reformed a year later, and finally with the first and only LP „Hass & Krieg“ in 1984. In between rows of concerts including ZSD, Slime, Normahl and Chaos UK. Shortly after the LP was finally over, the participants reappeared later among other things in Fliehende Stürme, Mädels no Mädels, Total Kaputt and Herbärds again. Triebtäter were and are together with Ätzer 81 and Normahl synonymous for the very early German punk from Stuttgart. Unnecessary youthful sound, naive, wild, nonconforming, blindfolded and eager to experiment. Fast, aggressive pogo-punk with German texts without limits: obscene, adolescent, everyday, provocative, sometimes political. The classic theme mix of the time. From today’s perspective often curious, but a wonderfully authentic contemporary document of the absolute early phase of punk in southern Germany. The anarchistic fun and spirit of departure defy every line and every tone. „Hass & Krieg“ was produced by the band in 1984 and distributed by Mülleimer Records (later A.M. Music). Released in 1996 as a CD by the band and sold out in a short time. On vinyl, the album was never reprinted. In 1992 Incognito Records released the 6 songs of the 1982 Strausser Demos as a limited 7 „.


01. Thommy Meier
02. Otto
03. Telespiele
04. Flüssiges Gold
05. Aero Pogo
06. Johnny
07. Triebtäter
08. Saufen
09. Bundeswehr
10. Bull-Stadt
11. Frustration
12. Bravoland
13. Fertige Familie
14. Nullzeit
15. Hass & Krieg