Label: Destructure
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SKU: 017028 Release Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020


A glint of steel and a flash of light! Hiding underground since their 2016 demo, Bordeaux’ own defenders of the d-beat faith Bombardement have been leaving a trail of destruction that’s second to none. Pounding the world like a battering ram and deadly as a viper, their debut LP races through 8 new tracks at breakneck speed with high octane. You’re in for surprise, you’re in for a shock. There’s many who tried to prove that they’re faster but they didn’t last and they died as they tried. Rock hard, ride free: some heads are gonna roll!


01. Wheel Of Destruction
02. Silent Shadows
03. Warriors Of The Night
04. Greed Prevails
05. This Frantic Silence
06. The Brink Of Collapse
07. Turned Away
08. Life: War