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Genre: Oi!
  • 7"
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SKU: 018893 Release Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2023


This beast of EP is finally available on vinyl!!! More than a year after LA PARCA TE BUSCA, the label run by BRUX’s guitar player Ivan, put out a 50 copies run of the tape version (although with different art, title and song order) we can finally rejoice and enjoy this piece of hot wax. BRUX carries on their trademark Punk/OI!/Rock’n’Roll of catchy-as-fuck tunes filled with simple and basic yet fruitful riffs and memorable sing-a-longs but they’ve manage to incorporate a deep dark moody touch to their music, flirting with Post-Punk and Death Rock elements, specially with Ivan’s guitar work and the bass sound, but without loosing a bit of their aggressive force. Juanma’s vocals sound like a pissed off dog with rabies chained inside a cave, far from emotive or mellow, and keeps a perfect balance with the melodies of the guitar leads, the rythm section is unstoppable, with pounding bass-lines and Adri killing it on drums, punishing the hi-hat and making us all dance like maniacs to this 4 enormous tracks.
BRUX hits hard and these 4 tracks are just a proof of that.


01. Guerra Mental
02. Bullet
03. La Mierda De Siempre
04. No Cierres El Bar