CAESARS PALACE¡Rock De Puta Mierda!

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The Stockholm-based psych/60s/garage/indie-act Caesars had a wild ride around the turn of the century. Their three first albums, released in Sweden under the moniker Caesars Palace, were riddled with hits like Jerk It Out, Punkrocker, From The Bughouse, Sort It Out and more, but they only had limited release outside Sweden. The ultra limited vinyl versions of the albums have been highly sought after collector items for 20 years now and even if you’re lucky enough to own originals, these new editions have superior quality pressings, bonus tracks and better sleeves.
Limited editions will include fanzines made by bass player David full of pix and trix.

Classic 1996 ep for the first time on vinyl with lots of extras including their 1995 debut 7” and other rarities. Caesar’s Palace (aka Caesars) in their infancy was a screaming mess of garage, psych, beat, lo-fi and cycledelica with great pop sensibilty.


01. Phenobarbital
02. 3D-TV
03. Automatic
04. This Man, This Monster
05. Crap Thinker
06. Pupo Diavolo
07. You´re My Favorite
08. Shake it
09. Odd Job
09. Born Cool
10. Out of My Hands
11. Wasted
12. New Taste