Genre: Oi!
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SKU: 019797 Release Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023


The greatest follow-up their demo could ever have! These Ruhr Rock’n’Roll heroes debuted last year with a cassette that we pressed on vinyl in April (and which by the way, it’s almost sold out) and now they are back with 12 brand new tracks, plus a beautiful piano intro, of the finest Punk/Oi! with their distinctive “sand-paper” guitar sound impossible not to fall in love with unless you are too much into ultrapolished turds and sterilised shit.
12 songs of juicy rawness, 12 songs of Oi! and Punk with Rock’n’Roll undertones that sound to me like mega-hits, full of catchy hooks and memorable singalongs, not a single weak track on this record for fuck’s sake.


01. Intro
02. Boots Go Marching in
03. We Made You
04. Doesn't Make Sense
05. I'm Back
06. Nowitschok Exposure
07. Executor
08. Ultra Violent
09. Born And Raised
10. Poser
11. He's A Skin
12. Drunk Love
13. Caught In A Trap