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New album from longtime electro-rap duo DDM (Drowning Dog and Malatesta) on double vinyl (12″ / 45rpm) including sticker and download code.
Berlin-based, made in California rap and producer duo DROWNING DOG AND MALATESTA, in short: DDM, have been creating musical rebellion against the unequal society and, as a cultivating part of the American and European radical rap scene, giving a voice to the people who are never heard since 2005. On May 12th 2023, DDM are back with their new album „Gen Pop“.
With this album, DDM again mixes intelligent lyrics with extraordinary soundscapes, which fortunately have nothing in common with the click-bait driven hip hop mainstream, neither in attitude, nor in content, nor in sound. The 14 songs (including some skits and features from south-african hip hop collective SOUNDZ OF THE SOUTH) flow between electronica, hip hop, soul, bass music, country, blues, R&B, punk, funk and more, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always tight to the point.


01. Takin' Our Time
02. Necessary Illusions
03. Essential A.F.
04. Happy
05. I Was In It
06. One Day Remix (feat. Anela Jahmena and Tsidi Bang-Bang of Soundz of the South)
07. Blood Money
08. Whole Lot
09. Got No Home
10. Self Made
11. Swingin' Back
12. Raw
13. Summer Song
14. One Day (feat. Anela Jahmena of Soundz of the South)