DELETÄRs/t (2)

Label: Destructure
  • LP
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SKU: 019458 Release Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2023


Are you ready for a new dose of käng frenzy ? DELETÄR comes out with a second album which reaches an uncontrollable level of fury. Expect 11 tracks of raging totalitär-esque hardcore that crushes everything in its path and leaves no respite. DELETÄR manages to hit the target in every song and the intensity remains intact throughout the whole album. The songs are punctuated by striking slogans and assumed guitar epicness. In a genre that can sometimes go in circles, it is pleasant to hear something so exhilarating and stimulating.


01. Aokigahara
02. Un carton dans les mains
03. Pugilat
04. Vaterland
05. Sécurité Maximale
06. Pandemonium
07. Il ne reste qu'une ombre
08. Coup de schlass
09. Échec
10. Sacrifice
11. Horizon misère