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Rejoice Indie poppers, punks and pop kids – Sealed Records in conjunction with the band and BBC release all 14 tracks Dolly Mixture recorded for the BBC. You no longer have to listen to bad YouTube uploads… Here are all the tracks remastered from original sources, and as an added treat featuring John Peel introducing them and three jingles the band recorded for Kid Jensen.

The first session was recorded for John Peel in August 1979 and features the unreleased ‘Dolly Mixture Theme Song’ which the band used to start gigs with and a super strong cover of Goffin and King’s ‘The Locomotion’. Four already Dolly Mixture classics from the time were also recorded including ‘Dream Come True’, ‘He’s So Frisky’, ‘New Look Baby’ and ‘Ernie Ball’. You can hear the excitement and joy and the sounds are so well recorded at Maida Vale Studios with top notch studio equipment and production.

The next session from September 82 was recorded for Kid Jensen and shows a slightly more mature band, but the tracks are just as instant and lovable. These tracks have a more 60’s girl group sound but with more energy. Most people will know the tracks from the Demonstration Tapes album but these versions are better recorded and show the band moving forward.

The last session from October 1983 was for Kid Jensen and again shows a band evolving but still with tunes that over forty years later are still loved and adored.

All in all 14 perfectly rounded pop nuggets wrapped in a beautifully designed sleeve and poster by Paul Kelly.


01. Baby It's You
02. New Look Baby
03. Been Teen
04. Honky Honda
05. Ernie Ball
06. Everything And More
07. You And Me On The Sea Shore
08. Remember This
09. Listening Pleasure
10. Borinda's Lament
11. Coriander Let's Cook
12. Welcome Home
13. Dilly Dolly Dally
14. Three O'Clock Rhapsody
15. Dolly Medley