GARDEN CENTRESearching For A Stream

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SKU: 019192 Release Date: Fri, 19 May 2023


For years, Garden Centre’s Max Levy has been searching for a steady stream. A stream to watch sports on, a stream to glean information from, a stream to wade in. Occasionally, he’ll immerse himself shin-deep in an actual, physical stream: an activity that pulls him in closest to the hum of the universe. Living is a fractured and fractious experience. A stream is a promise of resonance, unifying our innermost being with our outside reality. This is an album about streams.
Levy has already toured extensively across the UK and abroad with the likes of Dry Cleaning and Porridge Radio (with whom Garden Centre shares members). He has also found a fan in Frank Ocean, who has playlisted Garden Centre multiple times on his popular Blonded radio show.
Searching For A Stream, however, is a clear step-up for Garden Centre. An exquisitely self-contained world which also seems to expand with each listen, Levy’s latest album proves that there is beauty in the ordinary, oft-missed details of our everyday lives. If only we could stay in the stream long enough to really feel them.
Yellow vinyl limited to 500 copies.


01. Hall of Fame
02. Shock Site
03. Chicken
04. Talking on the Phone
05. Dirt Bike
06. Sitting on my Chest
07. Thin
08. Tannoy
09. Perfect Stranger
10. Searching for a Stream
11. Pool Ball
12. Valley