Genre: Psyche
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SKU: 019703 Release Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2023


New album from Goat, the legendary mysterious psychic warriors possibly originated from a voodoo-worshiping sect in Korpilombolo way up north. Merging everything from Afro-beat to Anatolian funk into a maximalist, sprawling brew, Goat has got international acclaim for a groovy psychedelia that transcends time and space.
On this album Goat digs deeper into the Nordic heritage while taking it to a place no one has ever been to. Take your medicine.


01. Impermanence & Death
02. Raised By Hills
03. I Became The Unemployment Office
04. TSOD
05. Vakna
06. You’ll Be Alright
07. Join The Resistance
08. Tripping In The Graveyard