HIATUSFrom Resignation...to Revolt

Label: Ruin Nation
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SKU: 018771 Release Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022


The 1993 debut full-length of Belgium’s crust punk institution HIATUS! Originally released by the legendary Sound Pollution Records of Hellnation’s Ken Hansford. The original release was a quite hard to find item for decades, until now twenty-nine years after its initial release and 12 months at the pressing plant we present you the official reissue of this Euro-Crustpunk classic.

Packed with 16 tracks of fast, raw and powerful scandi-crust infused hardcore punk with incredible force behind it’s production. The sound of HIATUS was massively influenced by the likes of DOOM and ANTI-CIMEX but with a dash of hardrock-esque mid-tempo lines thrown in here and there to lay the foundation that will become the unmistakable unique HIATUS style.

The range of lyrical topics is shockingly still too relevant even three decades later. Poverty, Police Violence, Fascism, Sexists, Warmonger, Drug abuse, Animal rights, Sell outs… like nothing has changed at all!

Includes a double sided lyric sheet and a bonus poster. All artwork has been restored as close to the original as possible.


01 . In The Beginning...
02 . Upper Class Crisis
03 . Brainwashed Population
04 . Horrendous Police Control
05 . Negative Answer
06 . Mindless Fucked Up Movement
07 . Don't Think With Your Dick
08 . Marketing Joke
09 . Purulent Stench Of War
10 . Bloody Prejudices
11 . Careful Consumption
12 . Point Of No Return
13 . Unbearable Calvary Murders
14 . Life Conception
15 . Under The Flag Of Hypocrisy
16 . Born To Booze (Live To Wine)