HOME FRONTThink Of The Lie

Genre: Postpunk

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Created on the western edges of the infinite plains and prairies of coldest Canada, Edmonton, Alberta’s HOME FRONT dance freely and madly along the edges of time and create their own moment amongst the revered and long frozen reserves of THE CURE, SUICIDE, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, “Second Empire Justice” era BLITZ, and NEW ORDER. A record bubbling over with analog synth, guitar loops, slammed 808 drums, and anthemic vocal pushes tugging at the great moment in-between the “death” of punk and the “birth” of new wave, pulling fresh sounds into their punk roots and shoving a studded leather jacket around a silk robe. Justice, violence, doubt and uncertainty a la Gary Numan narrating a Warren Miller Extreme Ski Special on the set of TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA: this is HOME FRONT.


01. Flaw In The Design
02. A Bit Of Dust
03. Focus
04. Security
05. Seagulls
06. Kill The Time