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Both of Hüstler’s cassette releases for Sorry State Records sold out almost instantly, so compiling those two cassettes for Hüstler’s first vinyl record was a no-brainer. Hüstler burst through the gate on their first tape with one of the most distinctive voices in the contemporary underground, smashing together elements of punk, death rock, and metal into a sound that is both anthemic and intense. Their second tape only upped the ante, widening their stylistic scope while leaning into the crowd-pleasing choruses and mosh parts. We’re very proud to present Hüstler’s early years on the format that matters.


01. Who's Your God?
02. Corpus Vile
03. Rot
04. Synthetic Christ
05. Cult of Death
06. Uniform Fetish
07. Corpse Paint
08. Gospel
09. Intro / War Pigs
10. Eat Your Heart Out
11. Interlewd
12. Putrify