JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, RINGO & RICHARDDas ist die Zukunft, aber nicht Deine!

Genre: Punkrock
Label: Phantom
  • LP
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SKU: 018714 Release Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022


I can’t imagine this band name would work if you went with anything other than “Richard.” “Richard” just has this poncy air about it that really sells this dumb joke. Anyway, this project is the work of a single person—presumably a Richard—who’s been at it since about 2016. He peddles an oddball mix of noise, minimalist avant-pop, dub, yé-yé, downtempo electronica, and space age bachelor pad music. It’s out there, man! Depending on the track, it can sound like a more listener friendly MEN’S RECOVERY PROJECT, a less wacky MR. BUNGLE (Disco Volante-era), or, like, the entire Ralph Records roster covering the poppier cuts from CABARET VOLTAIRE’s Red Mecca. Dude may be a Dick, but he made a cool record. This is the future, but not yours! – MRR


01. Vamos al amor (feat. Yoko Ano)
02. Funkloch
03. Zukunft
04. ?ert (feat. Jimmie Prage)
05. Gemeindebau (feat. F.E.I.D.L.)
06. Stadtrand
07. Hängengeblieben
08. It's your feet
09. Misery Machine
10. ?? ????? (feat. D.Klein)
11. Sex Gulag