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SKU: 018708 Release Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022


Jonny Kurt is back and he’s bringing the chicken fucker combo with him. Originally intended as a soundtrack for a western that can only be watched with virtual reality glasses. But the film didn’t materialize because the glasses are so expensive. That’s why only the record now, but it’s also so good!


01. Das ist unser Leben
02. Gefangen im Hühnerstall
03. Chickenfuck
04. Heavily Heart Sorrow
05. Big Mouth
06. Wheel Yang
07. Die Fickmaschine
08. Die Keulung der 4000
09. Streuner bedrohn unsre Scheune
10. Kloppe
11. Henk's Lament (Lonesome Town)
12. Spit on me