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Formed in the mid 80’s in a very dynamic scene with Hüsker Dü, The Replacement or Soul Asylum, although different THE MAGNOLIAS clearly sound like a Twin Cities band. This is the first repress of their 4th LP since its original release in 1992 on Alias !!!
“…The best songs of Freeman’s life portray a dispirited romantic avoiding anger and bitterness by discharging his emotional burdens into sensitive, tuneful, speedy rock’n’roll. Rarely has punk sounded such a winsome note… Off the Hook is everything a punk-pop record should be…”
Ira Robbins (Trouser Press)


01. Hello Or Goodbye
02. Don't Pack It In
03. Matter Of Time
04. My Little Flame
05. Never Lasts
06. Tear Up This Town
07. Take Me Away
08. When I'm Not
09. Up The Ladder
10. Time Bomb
11. Complicated Fun
12. Playing To Win