MIRAKLERHow I Became The Devil

Genre: Noiserock
Label: Reptilian
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Harsh, grimy tones. Sweet, steamrolling riffs. Vocals exuding pure pain. Over the course of 17 tracks, Mirakler spits out a sound that lands in a dark crack between Unsane, Today Is The Day, and Nirvana. The exuberance of Mirakler’s twisted, metallic noise rock is intensified by the volatility of frontman Daniel Gene’s voice as it ricochets between wounded pleas and full-bore screams, calling to mind the emotional storms of the great Steve Austin.
New Noise Magazine reports: “With a touch of grunge, metal, and sludge, this group’s approach to noise manages to maintain a sense of melody.”

How I Became the Devil was recorded and mixed by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

The band hits the road for a Northeast tour in July, including dates with Cherubs, and will play the venerable No Coast Fest in Texas in October.

From Ryan Canavan of HEX Records/Hanging Like A Hex Zine —
“Mirakler take the combined experience of past bands, endless miles in subjectively reliable vehicles to play countless filthy basements and fly-by-night venues and spit it all out in a 45-minute tirade called “How I Became the Devil”.
They go for the gusto and ensure every listener gets maximum bang for their buck with 17 tracks of noisey rock/punk abandon in about 45 minutes. Some may say that’s a bold move for a relatively new band. However, Mirakler have a lot to offer. Interspersed between the lumbering grungy noise rock squall are uncomfortable and weird interludes, melancholy melodies, occasional toe-dipping into sassy chaos, and even a bit of experimentation with electronics and post-rock instrumentation.
It’s kind of a roller coaster of an album that has an air of mystery around it with it’s thumb print/eye blots on the cover, alluding to some alien in a ski mask coming to thieve your jewels. It’s unsettling and dangerous, and that’s kind of what you get from this Pittsburgh trio with their debut LP.”


01. The Good Thief
02. Ecstatic Fields of Love and Grace
03. Egg
04. I Am Violence
05. The Bad Thief
06. Instant Drugs
07. This Is Brit Pop
08. Wet Ground Brings Rain
09. The Fireworks and the Stars
10. Kenny
11. How Many More Will Die
12. Exodus (A Continuous Mutation)
13. My Battery Is Low and It's Getting Dark
14. Christ B.C.
15. The Hill