MONOCHROME SETRadio Sessions (Marc Riley BBC6 Music 2011-2022)

Label: Tapete
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With ‘The Monochrome Set – Radio Sessions (Marc Riley BBC 6 Music 2011-2022)’ we revive the great tradition of releasing radio sessions of great (independent) acts. And what could be more natural than starting our series with a band that represents the indie ethos like few others in following their own unique artistic vision without compromise.
The most unique thing about the radio session recordings is that they encompass a mixture of concert and studio. The bands are freer than in studio recordings at the same time more focused than in live performances – gems from the bands repertoire which might not have been played live are often preserved only in the radio sessions.
The Monochrome Set – Radio Sessions contains all the BBC 6 sessions recorded for and hosted by the great Marc Riley from the years 2011-2022. 32 songs in total including well- known hits like “Eine Symphonie des Grauens”, “Jet Set Junta” and “Alphaville” as well as fantastic versions of seldom heard or not so well-known songs like “Rain Check” or “Hip Kitten Spinning Chrome”.
With the kind support of the BBC, we are now able to release these recordings of the most demonstrably intelligent, dark, witty and British of all guitar pop bands on record for the first time. Radio Sessions” by THE TELESCOPES and COMET GAIN are planned for the near future. Stay tuned!


01. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens
02. The Mouse Trap
03. Alphaville
04. Jet Set Junta
05. Hip Kitten Spinning Chrome
06. Streams
07. They Call Me Silence
08. Cauchemar
09. Super Plastic City
10. The Time I've Spent Doing Nothing
11. Lefty
12. Strange Young Alien
13. The Z Train
14. Iceman
15. Fantasy Creatures
16. Rain Check
17. Cosmonaut
18. Reach For Your Gun
19. Stick Your Hand Up If You’re Louche
20. Fele
21. I Feel Fine
22. Maisieworld
23. Mrs Robot
24. Oh Yes I'm Going to be in Your Dreams Tonight
25. Rest, Unquiet Spirit
26. Summer Of The Demon
27. I Can't Sleep
28. La Chanson De La Pucelle
29. Allhallowtide
30. Hello, Save Me
31. Really In The Wrong Town
32. Resplendent In A Darkness