Genre: Garagepunk
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SKU: 019506 Release Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2023


“As the name suggests, the Neverland Ranch Davidians don’t care a hoot for the niceties of popular culture, their chosen moniker a collision referencing two late 20th century icons: Michael Jackson and ‘Waco Savior’ David Koresh.
Appropriately, the L.A. trio’s sound is refreshingly confusing, blending distorted psych, primal rockabilly, hairy-assed punk, and chicken-fried soul like nothing on earth.
Linchpin of the band is guitarist/singer Tex Mosley: one-time alumnus of Philly’s legendary Afro-punks Pure Hell, for whom he co-wrote the track ‘No Rules’ before joining up with that band’s drummer Spider in Bad Actor. Relocating to the West Coast, Mosley embroiled himself in the L.A. punk scene, hooking up with Rik L. Rik in his band The Slaves, skatepunk legend Duane Peters in Gunfight, and Geffen-signed rockers The Hangmen.
Mosley joined forces with guitarist Will Bentley and drummer Max Hagen as the defiantly bassless Neverland Ranch Davidians, throwing down the gauntlet with their smoldering, psychotic R’n’B like the missing link between Blues Explosion, Suicide, and Stax Records. Now, Heavy Medication Records is proud to present their self-titled debut album.
“This music brings to my mind echos of Hound Dog Taylor, Stax, James Brown, and The Rolling Stones with a touch of Alan Vega’s art-damaged punk – with actual songs! No cookie-cutter lo-fi artifice here!”
— Pat Todd, Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders”


01. The Gospel
02. Rat Patrol
03. Fat Back
04. Aqua Velveteen
05. Liquor Store
06. Solid Monkey Blues
07. Butts in My Beer
08. Boys Don't Cry
09. Hen House
10. Stigmata
11. Knee On My Neck
12. I Believe To My Soul