Label: Reptilian
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“Erupting at two-to-three-minute intervals, the songs are steeped in dissonance, a fusion of driving melodies and eyes-rolled-into-the-back-of-your-head slow builds. Pointed and unconventionally melodic guitars combine with high intensity drums and unrelenting bass. The short sharp jagged boil of SUPER THIEF sets the air on fire, vocals jumping from spoken introspection to incendiary verbal detonations, blasting waves of intensity but never at the cost of a pervading melody or hook.” – Paul Stinson
“Students of the AmRep/Touch & Go school for noise rock, SUPER THIEF draw comparisons to bands like The Jesus Lizard, Hammerhead, and Tar, but their attack is more impenetrable, more persistent. There’s no lull, no restraint. When the band pull back ever so slightly from the carnage, it’s only to hammer in the reality of their earthquaking rhythms and rusted distortion.” – Dan Goldin (Exploding in Sound, Post-Trash)


01. Comedy Of Christ
02. Ruiner Of Life
03. Skin Pack
04. My Application To Heaven...
05. Hotel Nevada 1982
06. Humans With Forked Tongues
07. Murder, Conductor
08. (................)
09. Sounds Of Gravesites (-Upturned)
10. By The Fireplace In White