PARANOIDOut Raising Hell

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SKU: 019106 Release Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2023


Our third assault delivers some of our most nasty riffs and songs yet. 10 blackened punk anthems.
“Paranoid’s approach has always felt like it was born from playing filthy shows in even filthier venues, and Out Raising Hell‘s songs evoke that gritty flick knife and broken bottle feel. If you’re feeling like the end of days is fast approaching, then Out Raising Hell is the album for you. Oozing with raw, instinctual punk, Out Raising Hell is a certified, Mad Max, off-the-leash ripper. Grab your battleaxe, don your bullet belt, and slap on your studded-vest. Hell’s a-comin’, and Paranoid are leading the charge”
– Last Rites

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01. Kaimei Seiryoku
02. Kikaijikake no Satsurikusya
03. Mada Minu Yuutopia
04. Hikari no Yakata
05. Hakaba no Me
06. Yamiyo no Kaen
07. Yogoreta Shihaisya
08. Kyoki no Hashi
09. Minagoroshi
10. Jigoku no Gunzei