Genre: Africa
Label: Red Wig
  • LP
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Prince Buju has a rough and direct voice and is singing emotional songs about loss and disaster, about war and hate and he is telling the people that they should realise and change their ways. It’s 2015 and with only two strings and one grinding voice he cuts through borders and languages and reaches the rest of the world.
“I began to play kologo when I was very young. My mum broke it into pieces and said that I should go to school and learn so that my interest will not be in the kologo alone. It was after she passed away, that was on the third of March 1994, that I again set to make my Kologo and started playing. I play and weep when I remember my parents. Most time this has become the main inspiration leading to my unstoppable performance on stage.”


01. Afashee
02. In The War
03. Genego Abem
04. I am Accused
05. Lawona Foo
06. Bongo Sa-Abodaana
07. Poore Tolege
08. Abiire Bongo Akambo-Se
09. Assala Bo-Lom