Genre: Postpunk
Label: Red Wig
  • LP
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Although Wroclawian duo uses typical rock instruments and sound, they avoid referring to typical rock or post-rock structures; instead, guitars and drums as tools of composition owe a lot to syncretic Rock in Opposition scene, funk-hitting no wave, and post-punk that wished to turn its own limitations into unlimited space. Przepych is a response to these endeavors.
Typical rock line-up instruments, enriched by samplers are handled by band members of the following formations: Kurws, Ukryte Zalety Systemu (UZS), Norymberga, Pustostany and others. Przepych is another one of many bands that rehearse at CRK Salka – a place and environment of musicians who associate themselves with Wroclaw-based DIY social-cultural center called CRK.


01. Azbest (Asbestos)
02. Hymn do zera (The Anthem to Zero)
03. Kryzys wieloryba (Whale’s Crisis)
04. Choroby to podró?e ubogich (Diseases are the Journeys of the Poor)
05. Polska Szko?a Filmowa (Polish Film School)
06. Przysz?o?? oraz styl (Future and Style)
07. Raport nie na temat (Off the Subject Report)