SENSORAMAWhere The Rabbit Sleeps (Compiled by Ralf Köster)

Genre: Electronic
Label: Bureau B
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Compiled by Ralf Köster, DJ and curator of Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, “Where The Rabbit Sleeps” is an extensive collection of tracks by Sensorama, a project comprising Jörn Elling Wuttke and Roman Flügel. Working as a production team since the late 1980s in various guises such as Acid Jesus, Alter Ego and Primitive Painter, the pair also founded several labels with DJ Ata and Heiko MSO (Ongaku, Klang Elektronik, Playhouse). They released their debut album as Sensorama in 1995.

The Darmstadt duo blazed completely new trails in those days, as Andreas Dorau noted: «Sensorama is artful techno, what one used to call intelligent techno. All in the best of taste, not so far removed from the realms of fine art.»
Their music draws on a wide range of influences which reach far beyond the generic borders of techno. «Inspired by the the Krautrock of the 1970s, they were less interested in making Frankfurt Techno than they were in the electronic music of NEU!, Cluster and Kraftwerk. A Darmstadt-Düsseldorf axis, so to speak,» Christoph Dallach explains. «They kept records in the studio by the likes of La Düsseldorf or Pyrolator, playing them from time to time to refresh their auditory nerves, to clean out their ears.».

Sensorama released the last of their three albums in 2001, leaving us with an extraordinary body of work which still resonates today.

Charlotte Goltermann, founder of the Ladomat 2000 label and A&R manager for the third LP, recalls: «I’ve rarely come across artists who had such a clear idea of what they wanted – or did not want and consequently would not do. They were artists without fear, who would not shut out anyone who loved music, yet remained strictly underground themselves.»
The new compilation “Where The Rabbit Sleeps” offers a deep insight into the musical world of Sensorama. It is available on CD or as a double LP with a gatefold cover, remastered by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich, with new artwork by Rike Weigert and liner notes by Charlotte Goltermann, Christoph Dallach and Andreas Dorau.


01. Echtzeit
02. Where The Rabbit Sleeps
03. Aeroplane City
04. Zone 30
05. Star Escalator
06. New Aged
07. Exil
08. Rusty Pins
09. Unbekannt Verzogen
10. Helgoland
11. Sunday Morning Superstar
12. Porzellangarten
13. Nachtportrait