SO WHAT!Hard Gum

Genre: Glam
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SKU: 019824 Release Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023


SO WHAT’s debut LP is filled with stompers, hand clappers, and all the riffs that matter. Co-released by Just Add Water Records (USA) and Surfin’ Ki (Italy). From the GLAMTASTIC pounding drums, Moogs, and big fuzzy riffs of “Where We Going” and “Why Can’t I See You Tonight”, to the EQUALS-esque “Don’t Come Back” and “What You Said”, this album is chock-full of HITS!


01. What You Do To Me
02. Don't Wanna Come Back To You
03. What You Said
04. Yo Yo
05. I Just Can't
06. Don't Come Back
07. Untouched By Life
08. Where We Goin'
09. My Life Is Tight
10. Why Can't I See You Tonight