STINGRAYFortress Britain

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SKU: 019524 Release Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2023


Crashing dirty carnage somewhere between Neuroot, Ripcord, and Sacrilege lands in your lap with Stingray’s debut LP. Tin Savage barks his brutish textural east London drawl on top of unrefined metal-tinged hardcore punk veering between scandi wallop, jacked up amphetamine hardcore and jaw snapping mosh lusciously and confidently. Recorded by Jonah Falco at Fuzzbrain Studios, mixed and mastered by Chris Corry in the Paincave, Fortress Britain is a ruthless and unrelenting blunt instrument.


01. Controversy
02. Laughter
03. Mercy Killing
04. Nerve Agent
05. Burning Swine
06. Subterranean 01:48
07. Blistered Skin
08. Fortress Britain Crumbles
09. Infernal Retreat
10. Trench Demon
11. Inner City