Genre: Garagepunk
Label: Ever/Never
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SKU: 019723 Release Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2023


Recording the Strapping Fieldhands at Bernie’s was our (TommyJay & Myself) first rewarding attempt at recording a band live in a club setting that i can recall. It was great fun working with this crew of magical musical misfits in what now seems a long passed epoch ago.
I’m very happy they chose to use a bit of said endeavor for this record
and will always cherish the memories of my times both here in mythical Harrisburg Ohio and Olde Philadelphius with these wandering minstrels in perilous search of the Golden Fleece while enduring the ensuing trials by fire water & the fickle nature of fame.
Long passed perhaps are the days when rose petals were scattered at their feet, but these petrified remains of their copious output will
baffle marveling aural anthropologists for millenniums to come!
Zeus Bless the Strapping Field Hand & all who sail with them!
May we once again share quahogs amid peatbogs somewhere down the sandy path to netherness


01. When You Came
02. Red Dog The Deconstructor
03. In The Pineys
04. I'm Going
05. Arrogant Flower
06. Just Too Much
07. He's Right!
08. Keep On Rockin' / Lonnie Donegan's Mum's Tea Chest
09. Ollie's Interfader
10. Sad Lament of The American Indian
11. I Don't Know Why
12. Meteor Peacock