SWEET KNIVES – Sound On Sound

Genre: Electropunk
Label: Red Lounge
  • 7"
    Includes 19% MwSt.
SKU: 014697


Meaningfully Named after this Lost Sounds neckbreaker song this band features Original Lost Sounds members Alicja Trout, Rich Crook & John Garland as well as long time friend Johnny Valiant…this is the bands statement „For those of you who don’t know what Sweet Knives is…Alicja Trout (me), Rich Crook, and John Garland formerly members of Lost Sounds have rebooted to play old Lost Sounds songs plus a few new creation. I felt it was a waste to throw these songs away though we lost a very important member, Jay “Reatard” Lindsey. But you really can’t get a stand in for Jay. Not sayin there isn’t someone out there who might be able to do his tunes, there very well may be. But at the moment we don’t know of anyone. So we are having to skip over his awesome catalog of songs for now. Therefore we are calling this Sweet Knives, not Lost Sounds. I hope some people will come out and watch us do songs from 15 years ago. Oh, also we are joined by the very awesome Johnny Valiant on bass. „ you know this is good!! don’tz snooze!