V/ABrazilian Nuggets VOL 3

Genre: 60s Punk
Label: Groovie
  • LP
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This is the third volume of the successful BRAZILIAN NUGGETS series put out by Groovie Records. As usual, it gathers oddities, surf, beat, fuzz and weirdo stuff that only crazy cats like Edgar Raposo and Luís Futre, the dynamic duo behind that label, are able to track down. As you might realize, all the tracks featured in this VOLUME 3 were taken from very hard to find singles, EP’s and LP’s that were certainly forgotten back than collecting dust in record store bins.

Besides the well known bands The Brazilian Bitles and The Beatniks, whose labels, Polydor and Mocambo, were also well established names in the recording industry at the time, most of VOLUME 3 brings to the fore obscure artists and bands whose recordings come from equally obscure labels such as Tema, Leão Disc, Signoma, Orange (a parody to the Beatles’ own Apple label), Astor, Hollywood Discos, RCS and Disco Som. These labels were usually too small to obtain national distribution deals for their records, so many releases were regional, pressed in small quantities and became instant rarities. If it wasn´t for the record collectors themselves and the Groovie Records keen eye these rarities, released during the second half of the sixties in Brazil and known only to a handful of collectors, would have been lost forever. Texts, rare photos and record covers for your delight to….