V/ALa Noire Vol. 2 , Please Mr Playboy!

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“Please Mr. Playboy” a new pressing of fantastic original rhythm and blues, blues, and rock and roll sides from the deep vaults. As you well know by now with the success and praise from collectors the world over on “Have Mercy Uncle Sam,” these pristine rhythm and vocal accompaniment sides will certainly shake the chill off any cool night. This is the music that “made you” if you know what we mean…
Please Mr. Playboy starts off with a mystery that must be a well known singer, (can you recognize her?) She starts us off with a one-off advertisement plea from 1965 for Tabs Pants. Buy a few pairs of Tab trousers, and get this hot platter on the house. Hot Breath Hannah is the name of our illustrious singer, but do we dare giver up her identity?…this is a fun and well produced side from the National Recording Company. Dog House takes you down to New Orleans for a rare Boogie number by Archibald, otherwise known as pianist Leon T. Gross. Leon treats us to his beautiful right hand piano work on this very rare side for Imperial records. We have a side by the sultry voiced Varetta Dillard on Savoy Records out of NYC. Varetta was there as history was made as she was on the bill at very first Rock and Roll show ever, the Moondog Coronation Hour put on by Alan Freed in Cleveland. However, she never got to perform that night as the show was shut down after the first song by Paul “hucklebuck” Williams. On this record she gives us her classic, “Send Me Some Money.” A musical force to be reckoned with and one of my favorite female singers, Big Maybelle is on this platter giving us some of her finest work on, “Pretty Good Love.” Guitar from the fantastic Mickey Baker cracks on this record from the Savoy label recorded in the Spring of 1956. Gut punching horn work from Dave McRae (alto), Buddy Lucas, Warren Lucky (tenor), and Leslie Johnakins (baritone saxophone) all deserve to be credited on this rare side of rock and roll perfection. The gals keep rocking us with a side from Lavern Baker on Atlantic, and we travel back down the Mississippi to New Orleans for Guitar Slim’s, “Done got over it” with Lloyd Lambert on the bass. More beautiful guitar work on a rare side from Guitar Jr., otherwise known as Lonnie Baker Brooks. I was fortunate enough to be there one night while Lonnie regaled us with stories as he held court at the bar of Buddy Guy’s in Chicago. He was thrilled that we got giddy over his telling of the Guitar Jr. sessions on Goldband. Here we offer a rare side from Mercury. Lucky Millinders’ singer Annisteen Allen greets us with the stomper “Rough Lover” recorded on Decca, as well as the hell of piano player and alluring vocalist Camille Howard with, “Excite me Daddy” This is another amazing seat lifting side with guitar work from Jonny Rodgers of Solid Sender’s fame. There are more rare sides on this record found in the dust bins and basements of from Texas to Paris and we get the feeling that the ladies can rock it and roll it with the fellas any day of the week!


01. "Hot Breath Hannah" With The Paul Mitchell Trio - Please Mr. Play Boy" (NRC)
02. Archibald - Great Big Eyes (Imperial)
03. Varetta Dillard - Send Me Some Money (Savoy)
04. LaVern Baker - Tiny Tim (Atlantic)
05. Guitar Slim & His Band - Well, I Done Got Over It (Specialty)
06. Guitar, Jr. - Knocks Me Out (Mercury)
07. "Hot Breath Hannah" With The Paul Mitchell Trio - Looking For A Man (NRC)
08. Pipes - Let Me Give You Money (Dootone)
09. Big Maybelle - That's A Pretty Good Love (Savoy)
10. The Memos - The Biddy Leg (Memo)
11. Annisteen Allen - Rough Lover (Decca)
12. Jesse Perkins & The Bad Boys - One More Kiss (Savoy)
13. Carol Fran - I'm Gonna Try (Port)
14. Camille Howard - Exite Me Daddy (Federal)
15. The Southern Wonders - The Gambling Man (Peacock)
16. Fontella Bass - My Good Loving (Prann)