Genre: Postpunk
Label: Red Wig
  • LP
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SKU: 019642 Release Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2023


Visiting the vaults of Zoikle’s Zeller Keller in early 2019 we dug up all demos and memos from between late 2010 and mid 2013… 2-track 4-track unfinished yet-to-be track what the hack whatever-track you name it we had it and added some vocals no locals and cello hello stringy thingy non-mimes sometimes and mixed and remixed a dozen plus two… here’s looking at you for this is the stuff that’s enough there is plenty oh yes there will be in two thousand and twenty.”
Yes indeed, ZOIKLE is back, with a full album. Their first. And basically their second release since their first blast of existence in the period 2010-2013. Well, that was then, right? This is now… In 2011 Dutch singer/lyricist G.W. Sok (co-founder of The Ex in 1979 and their singer during the next 30 years), formed a band with guitarist Lukas Simonis (Dull Schicksal, Coolhaven) called ZOIKLE, they released their Illusies 1+2 7” in November the same year. Sok and Simonis were joined by Nina Hitz (cello) and Cor Hoogerdijk (drums), and worked on a whole bunch of songs in the two years thereafter, while doing the occasional gig. Zoikle came to a halt when Sok went to Paris for a few months in 2013: when he got back Simonis and Hitz were covered in a fresh doses of diapers, while Hoogerdijk got himself entangled in a ukelele overdrive.
End of story. Not. Sok continued his musical life working with a whole slur of bands. Cannibales & Vahinés (F), King Champion Sounds (NL), Action Beat (UK), Oiseaux-Tempête (F), to name a few. Simonis played in Coolhaven, worked at Worm Rotterdam, created musical podcasts, and organed some serious series of events and concerts all over the place. Back to 2020. Simonis and Sok have revived ZOIKLE, work on new material, and will start playing live again soon. In the meantime, Tractor Notown, in collaboration with Red Wig, proudly presents their brand new, very first, self-titled vinyl album (with download-code).


01. Sit in the sun
02. Happy
03. Poor lonesome cowboy
04. Red devils
05. Waiting
06. Gangrene
07. Up to eleven
08. Nothing
09. Murder madness
10. The light
11. 4Q
12. Shouting/moon
13. City of shame
14. Alonalone