Genre: Psyche
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Writing somber songs that you want to play over and over agian or pop tunes that never comes off corny and singing them with perfection without sounding con- trived takes a unique voice. César Vidal from Swedish psych/60s/garage/indie-act Caesars aka Caesars Palace has that voice and he makes it all look so easy.
The tracks on his debut solo album are ageless and could have landed softly into any decade from the 60s and onwards. There are hints of just about everything from jangly psych pop, British invasion, surf, shoegaze, lo-fi and punk, all delivered with the golden voice of a sad angel.
César Vidal is a seasoned player after years with his band but here he really gets to stretch out and take full command of his entire musical universe without com- promising.
Give a grain of sand lots of time and a pearl takes form in an oyster. César Vidal delivers not only a pearl but a necklace of perfect songs on this stunning solo debut. There are no fillers here, only killers.


01. Same Old Bus
02. If You Want This Love
03. Up The Hills
04. Moped Girl
05. Universal Friend
06. I Wonder
07. Step By Step
08. Watching The Moon
09. Bilder
10. Keep On Trying