THE BRUISERSIntimidation (extended edition)

Genre: Oi!
Label: Rebellion
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 019922 Release Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2024


Proud to present you the extended edition of the classic and cult Intimidation EP on 12″ vinyl including 3 bonus tracks that were recorded in that very same studio session back in june 1989 at the Bunkhouse Studio in Portsmouth. Lots of pictures straight out of the band members archive and some liner notes are included in the refreshed and updated artwork. To top it off, the whole session is carefully remastered for vinyl. The staccato beats, thriving bass, low crackling guitars and vocals skipping with youthfull energy and aggression can not be imitated and can only sound the way they do like they did right then and right there. An anchor and milestone of US Oi! glory. We make sure this gem is preserved for the new generation as well as offering a fresh updated version for the old guard as a nice collectable piece of wax. Licensed directly from The Bruisers


01. Intimidation
02. Anchors Up
03. Society's Fools
04. Bloodshed
05. Overthrow
06. No Truce
07. In This Country