Genre: Postpunk
Label: Noise Appeal
  • LP
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Artikelnummer: 019963 Release Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2024


„Tracker is poised to unleash their explosive blend of art-noise and rock, gently guiding you into a psychedelic drift. Within their music, traces of desert rock permeate the air, evoking images of a dime bag passed around at a DIY generator party near Palm Desert—think less tie-dye and more Stooges.
The fuzzboxes take on a life of their own, while whimsical synth sounds converge into intricate chords that resonate from their practice room. It’s a beautiful chaos, an intricate tapestry waiting to be discovered by those who truly listen.
So don your proto-punk leather jacket, let the desert dust bestow its elegant touch upon you, and set your controls for the universe. Let the music conjure vivid images in your mind, transporting you far from the confines of your everyday surroundings.
And when the chairs are available, take a seat—many have done so before. Tracker has brought their vision of sandy horizons to the most intimate of living room concerts, and painted the actual horizons at Sardinia’s legendary Duna Jam. They have shared stages with diverse acts such as Kreisky, Trail of Dead, and Red Fang.“

300 copies, printed innersleeve, DL code included


01. Pigs & Goats
02. Last Century Man
03. Headcase
04. This is what (we get to hear)
05. Snapshot
06. Cavemen unite!
07. Not good
08. June